Areas Of Expertise

Hungr KITCHEN combines your restaurant’s resources with our business intelligence, marketing and delivery capabilities. Together, we’re able to serve up profitable, new business opportunities and delicious meals for delivery or pickup from your kitchen.


Each hungr Virtual Restaurant brand is backed by data and carefully crafted to dish out what customers crave. Using rich analytics, our team looks at a variety of factors to develop first-in-class, proven brands

AI Data Mining

We leverage data from thousands of restaurants across the country.

Market Trends

Our team identifies top food trends in each market. We also use data from what people search and when they search for it.

R&D Insights

Each concept is developed for ease-of-prep and deliverability, taste-tested and proven to travel well.

Hungr Partners

We listen to our partners and utilize ongoing feedback for each concept.

Hungr Leadership

Hungr’s team is made up of leading industry professionals and consultants, here to support you as you scale your Virtual Restaurant business.

True Turn-Key

We provide more than just the branding, we coordinate the supply chain, marketing, menu, training, sales so all you need to do is make the food.

Demographic Analysis

We analyze customer demographics across the country by age, gender, interests, food allergies, food preferences and more to create diverse menu offerings.

Territory Lock

We look at delivery patterns and trands to make sure that each location address has maximum reach based on the ability of that location to fulfill orders.

Menu and Pricing

We don’t just help you guess your pricing,. We use real data to develop local market pricing along with menu driven cost structures.

GIS Mapping

Each Hungr Fulfillment Partner is given a protected territory based on tireless analysis of geographical locations.

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